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How To Clean Your Car The Best Way

Visit our YouTube channel and learn how to clean your car the best way. See the best car wash and car washing tips plus watch great car clean videos we have on our site for free. We also offer free UK delivery on anything you buy within 2-3 business days and are sole UK distributors […]

Dealing with Sahara Sand – Car Care Advice

Apart from well-publicised health issues Saharan sand also affects the health of your car We have had quite a few questions asking about the best way to get all the sand / dust off your car. Please take care when you wash this off your car because it could easily cause damage to your paintwork. […]

How To Get The Best Kit

How do you get the best car cleaning kit you can? Buy the most expensive…  Yes… well …No!!

What You Need in a Car Cleaning Kit

What you can buy in a car kit and what you really need to clean your car effectively and safely can be two completely different things! Putting price aside for moment will let us concentrate on the tools you need to clean your car. There are several fundamental stages involved in car cleaning and so […]


Welcome to The Car Care Site! Discover how to hand wash and care for your car properly. That’s what we do! We are passionate about driving cars and love cleaning cars! Our sites are packed with information, articles and videos to help you discover the best care for your car. It’s all here and we […]

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Why You Should Always Keep Your Car Wet!

Water helps to lubricate the surface of your car which will help you to avoid scratches and swirl marks. If your car is dry and you rub a sponge or brush on the surface, all of the fine grit and road grime gets pushed into the paint to create tiny surface scratches.

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How To Use Two Buckets

Washing your car is a great way to maintain your car’s appearance and it’s what we car enthusiasts do most often. But did you know the majority of people don’t wash their pride and joy properly.