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Dealing with Sahara Sand – Car Care Advice

Apart from well-publicised health issues Saharan sand also affects the health of your car We have had quite a few questions asking about the best way to get all the sand / dust off your car. Please take care when you wash this off your car because it could easily cause damage to your paintwork. […]

What is Car Detailing

Car Detailing is a term that is used frequently nowadays by many people and is mentioned on several product labels and promotional adverts for car valeting companies.

When and Why You Should Use Snow Foam

The first mistake many people make when cleaning their car is not to pre-wash. This leaves damage inevitable as so much grit and large particles of dirt are sat on the car when you start.

Don't use a chamois to clean your car

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Chamois

Once you have washed your car if you let it air dry or drive it around the block to “dry” it, you will get watermarks, especially if you live somewhere with hard water. Water marks are caused by mineral deposits that leave the outline of a drop of water on your vehicle’s paint. All water […]