Dealing with Sahara Sand – Car Care Advice

Apart from well-publicised health issues Saharan sand also affects the health of your car

We have had quite a few questions asking about the best way to get all the sand / dust off your car. Please take care when you wash this off your car because it could easily cause damage to your paintwork.

This abrasive dust and sand has blown over from the Sahara desert because of unusual weather and has found its way onto your beloved cars paintwork all over the Country.

The dust landing on your car will not cause any damage, but if you remove it in the wrong way you can cause long term damage to your paintwork. This can be unsightly and difficult to fix.

Here are four important things to remember when you next clean your car so that the finish remains as good as before.

      1. Sand is very abrasive. Do NOT write your name or put a smiley face anywhere on your car bodywork. It will be like writing it with sandpaper.
      2. Pre-wash the car before you touch it with anything. The best thing to use for this is snow foam. Second best is plenty of water and flood the surface of your car paintwork to loosen the dust and sand. If you use a pressure washer try to keep it at a 45 degree angle to the paintwork surface. The sand and dust will then be carried safely away.
      3. Always use a top quality shampoo because these soften the particles and actually help to lift them away from the surface of the paintwork into suspension. Again rinse off with plenty of water.
      4. Look for any damage or light scratches once the car is dry. These are best dealt with using a good quality polish and don’t forget to re-apply your chosen last stage protection, wax or sealant because this will have been removed by the polish. Before you start check for any new deposits to avoid further damage.