Car Care

Get The Best From Your Car Care Products

Your products have been lab tested for the best mixing measures, working times and application requirements. The manufacturers have determined the optimal treatment – they are the experts on their product so follow their advice.

If it says leave on for 3 minutes then that is the optimum time the manufacturers have found works best. If you leave it longer you may get discolouration or require harder work to remove it.

If it says your shampoo needs a dilution of one capful per gallon then that is the best dilution to use for getting the best results – not too thick, not too thin. It is important not to make the car shampoo too strong as this will be a nightmare to get off the car again, leaving streaks, and creating extra work. If the car shampoo is too diluted though, it won’t be strong enough to do its job and won’t get your car clean.

Of course this tip can even work with your current car cleaning products!

Get the best results you can by making sure the magic happens properly!