Care for Your Car Windows

Get Your Glass Really Clean!

Clean glass on a car is something that is universally overlooked by people, and yet it delivers a look that subtly conveys a pristine finish from a car that is obviously owned by someone who really cares about it. This is probably because glass needs regular cleaning to look its best because with our weather dust, pollen and even rainwater can spoil the look within a day or two. Maybe even hours if you are unlucky!

Gone are the days of newspaper and vinegar, replaced with modern effective glass cleaners that really cut through the dirt. Using a microfiber glass cleaning cloth can leave a brilliant streak free finish with very little effort.

Read the instructions carefully and use a vehicle specific glass cleaner with the best microfiber glass cleaning cloth you can find because these really do work and make life so much easier. If washing your entire car leave the glass until last but do make sure the vehicle glass is nice and cool.

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Spray a small section of glass and work in horizontal strokes regularly turning the cloth. One good tip is to work the outside horizontally and the inside vertically that way you can see what side of the glass has any smears or marks left on it affecting your flawless finish.

If the glass is really dirty, after heavy rainfall for example you may find you need more than one microfiber cloth as they are so effective they pick up dirt very quickly and with a lot of glass area you may need a second cloth before finishing.

Above all take your time, inspect regularly and finish cleaning one complete window or section of glass at a time.

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