How to Apply Snow Foam

There are two primary methods for generating snow foam during application. A pressure washer typically running around 100 bar or a hose powered by mains water pressure. Both use specific types of attachment to help generate the foam.

Obviously due to the higher pressure involved, a pressure washer does yield a better result and pressure washers generally use less water but a garden hose with the correct attachment also does a great job and should not be overlooked because we don’t all own pressure washers!

Mix the snow foam in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and your personal preference for the foam density. Equipment varies and has a big impact on the resultant foam. Don’t be frightened to experiment by using more concentrate though.

You are aiming for the snow foam to gently run off the car across 5 minutes or so. We often see mixtures that are too weak resulting in a thin watery foam that runs off too quickly not having time to do its job. If this happens make sure you have given it a good mix, especially if it stands for a while before you actually use it.

When applying snow foam to the car try to do it methodically, panel by panel like painting a wall. You don’t need to repeat applications over the same area.

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Start on one side and apply from the roof down with unhurried sweeping motions of the snow foam lance either side to side or up and down. If you have an adjustable lance set it for a nice wide spray which means you to cover the car top to bottom in a few passes. This gives you even coverage and stops you blasting snow foam off again by hitting it with a narrow high pressure jet of foam.

You should then leave the car to soak for around 5 to 10 minutes depending on the weather at the time and then do a final rinse with the pressure washer or hose to remove the residuenbefore starting with your car washing shampoo.

You are finished, easy wasn’t it! Here are a few more tips to help you further.

  • Do not let the snow foam dry out on the car bodywork
  • Avoid putting the pressure jet too close to the paintwork – about 1 metre should be fine
  • Do not use a high-pressure setting as this could drive dirt into the paint causing scratching
  • Rinse out your foam lance but running with clean water if you are not using it again for a while. This avoids any blocking of the nozzle or pipe work and means you are ready to go next time!

All things considered snow foam is great asset to your wash programme and we consider it an essential part of car care.

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