How To Get The Best Kit

How do you get the best car cleaning kit you can?

Buy the most expensive…  Yes… well …No!!

Because joking aside most of us can’t afford the most expensive. We all have an idea of what we want to spend or our budget. So this is where price enters the equation and makes things a little more difficult. We are going to help you select the best kit you can get for your money. If you have read about what you need in a car kit you are already one step ahead and better placed to make the decision! The secret is to buy wisely not necessarily cheaply. Good quality kit over quantity or number of items.

Identify what it is you really need in your kit and stick to it

You know how you plan to clean your car. If not, go and browse our site right now!

Many kits will have additional items so that they look good value for money but you don’t really need those items so don’t get them. Remember, if you are looking at similarly priced kits then it is likely that the more items in a kit the cheaper each item will be.

If possible have a close look at what is in the kit. Look for obvious danger areas (like exposed metal on a wheel brush) and think about how you use the individual products to see if they are truly useful to your car care routine or not.

Make sure you know what you are buying

Don’t buy something with certain product just because it is in the kit. Be aware of the content and understand what the product does, more importantly know how the product fits into your car care routine. If you are unsure about any product use or application, then ask.

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Buy good quality product. It will always pay dividends over quantity of cheaper product. Read our guides or better still watch our videos to see products in action and this will help you further!

Look at the quality of product in the kit. Check the reputation and standing in the marketplace of what you are considering. One litre of a good quality car shampoo will clean better and faster, protecting the finish on your car hence is a better buy than two litres of cheap shampoo that may streak so it needs more rinsing and more time for example or worse still strips wax.

A towel with a label on the outside or a rough edge will damage your car paintwork as you use it, more expensive towels do not have labels on the outside and a properly finished, soft edge so that the likelihood of damage is kept to a minimum.

Don’t get tempted by fancy packaging.

Many car kits come in a special presentation box and look great but once you have opened it up and start cleaning your car do you really need the box any more or the special limited edition towel. Are these things  going to help you get a better finish on your car? Try to see through the marketing and focus on the content. Product.

After sales support

After you have purchased your car care kit is there someone to help you if you need a little advice or you get stuck with the best way to use something? It is easy to assume this is not an issue for all of us or doesn’t apply to you but product is changing all the time as are materials and paint finishes used on cars and with such a vast array of aftermarket ‘bling’ parts, wheels and trims this is not always as straight forward as it seems. So sometimes the fact there is someone there to help, just in case, can be a deciding factor.

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