Car alloy wheel cleaning

How To Protect Your Alloy Wheels

Dirty wheels can wreck your car’s looks, but keeping them clean and shiny is laborious and time-consuming. A good quality wheel sealant provides the answer. It doesn’t stop the wheels getting dirty but it provides an extra level of protection, make them easier and quicker to clean and reducing the chances of long term damage from corrosion. It helps protects wheels from brake dust, oxidation, moisture, tar and bugs.

Brake dust attacks the wheels and can leave you with corrosion, so the price of a good wheel sealant is much less than a set of new rims.

Some cars are more prone to substantial brake dust deposits but generally speaking you should notice a huge difference using a sealant, significantly improving the shine and making that shine last for longer.

So why not use wax to provide the protection?

The answer is that wax and cheaper sealants aren’t designed to withstand the heat brakes generate and the temperatures the wheels can reach. These high temperatures cause the chemical composition of non-specific treatments to break down and hence to stop working.

The wheels are the hardest part of your car to keep clean mainly due to their constant exposure to high temperature brake dust. This unpleasant substance sticks to rims, etching the surfaces and encouraging corrosion to set in. Tough acid-based wheel cleaners make short work of removing the residue but they can damage the rim surfaces over time. Less damaging detergent-based cleaners are a safer option but they have less cleaning power, meaning they often fail to work completely. What’s really needed is a way of making brake dust easier to remove in the first place. This is where a good sealant comes in.

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A good sealant provides a clear, shiny and protective coating that will block out the dirt and pollution. You apply it like any wax or sealant, buffing to produce a shine and then the dirt and dust sit on this coating unable to break through.

This tough, glass-like coating provides brilliant protection against brake dust and road salt, and is also very resistant to strong detergents. Hence it offers superb durability, with a likely natural life of months on cars used on a daily basis, so you don’t have to continuously clean your wheels to keep them in great shape. It will therefore help to prevent brake dust from bonding to your wheels and, when teamed up with a gentle wheel cleaner make them easier to keep clean than ever before.

In addition, the glass-like coating is water resistant which causes water to bead up and roll off very quickly. This flow not only makes your wheels look good, but also helps to pick up and carry away fresh surface grim and so the wheel becomes partially self-cleaning further helping cleaning to be easier as a result. Finally, the coating is also highly resistant to pressure washing and strong detergents, increasing the longevity on the wheels.

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