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Learn the Real Damage a Sponge Does to Your Car

Use a microfibre mitt not a sponge.

This is a very common mistake and causes a lot of damage to cars when washing. What’s wrong with a sponge I can hear you asking?

Millions of people wash their car using a sponge you say.

Well the standard yellow rectangular sponges do hold just as much if not more water than mitts, they don’t have much ‘give’ in them and they tend to have a flat face. When you come to wash your car it is covered in grit particles. Some of these dirt particles are sharp. As you run the sponge over the body these grit particles become trapped between the face of the sponge and the paint – they have nowhere to go owing to the flat face of the sponge so it won’t recess in. When you wipe the sponge across the paintwork, you wipe the sharp grit particles straight across the paint leaving a thin hairline scratch. These little scratches are highly visible in bright light because they catch the light, and this is what gives you the dreaded swirl marks that deprives your paint of deep gloss and rich colour and so ruin your car’s look.

Sponges also have great longer term storage facilities for things like tiny stones, keeping them entrapped and scratching your paint forever.

So learn the lesson and dump the sponge. It traps grit between itself and the car – it’s like rubbing your car with sandpaper!

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If you run your fingers through a microfibre mitt, you can see that it is deep pile and not flat faced. Returning to the grit particles on paintwork when the wash mitt is placed onto them these grit particles are absorbed into the mitt and moved into the inners drawing grit and contaminants away from the surface of the paint making washing and polishing your car quicker and easier whilst reducing the chances of swirl marks and fine scratches in your paintwork.

Many mitts also have a non-slip elastic cuff for a great fit meaning it is less likely to be dropped, unlike a sponge. They can be easily washed and the bright colours make inspection quite easy to find any contaminants hidden within.

Similarly when it comes to polishing while old cloths or t-shirts may be clean, they’re actually scratching the surface because of the shorter pile of the material. A microfiber towel is what’s recommended as the deep-pile surface again creates a buffer zone that will pick up the bad stuff, not grind it into the paint finish.

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