Clean your car

Never Use Circular Cleaning Motions!!

Do not scrub or use circular cleaning motions to wash the car. Use straight lines and try to follow the shape of the panel you are cleaning.

This is an easy way to minimise the impact of any damage should you be unlucky. If you do happen to get some grit left on the car or on your mitt when you start to wash the bodywork by following the shape of each of the panels the damage is a lot less obvious and easier to correct.

Never use a swirling motion washing polishing or waxing. It’s only ever done as a compromise for speed so take your time. Washing with a circular motion with trapped grit creates circular marks all around the car. This type of damage is very obvious (especially in direct sunlight) and is much more difficult to correct.

So when washing your car with your mitt, start from the top and work your way down washing in sections. Starting from the top will help with rinsing and not have you wasting energy and water by going over the same section twice. It also minimises contamination of the bucket. The lower the panel is on the car, the more it collects road grime. The more road grime you get in the bucket, the more hazardous it becomes to wash with.

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Wash GENTLY with the hand mitts following the panel lines. There is no need to push at all and especially no need to press hard. You’re merely trying to float away dirt and debris from the surface. Following this advice will ensure any damage is confined to the surface where it can be polished out or masked with subsequent waxing.

Wash horizontal surfaces in front to back motion.

Wash vertical surfaces in a side to side or up and down motion.

Always remember to rinse your wash mitt frequently

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