Car Care Credit

What is Car Care Credit?

It is credit that is awarded to a signed in, registered user to spend in the shop on The Car Care Site. Credit is accrued by shopping on The Car Care Site and can then be redeemed against future orders made. It will directly reduce the price of your next order!

How does it work?

As a registered shop user, whenever you complete an order, Car Care Credit will be VISA credit cardawarded to your account based on 10% of what you pay for that order.  The order value is calculated excluding any promotional offers, previous Car Care Credit used and shipping charges. The process is automatic and Car Care Credit will be added to your account without the need for any further action from you so you don’t even have to think about it.

In order to spend your Car Care Credit simply enter your registered email address in the discount code.

Obviously you have to be signed in to your registered account to earn or spend Car Care Credit.

Lets take a look at a quick example.

You spend £60 on your first visit to The Car Care Site. You qualify for a 25% discount when you shop here for the first time, so your order value becomes £45. This is above the £28 free postage threshold and so this is all you have to pay.

Car Care Credit is 10% of what you pay for your order. You spent £45 so will earn a credit value of £4.50 that you can redeem with your next purchase, automatically added to your account and stored here for you!

What is the Catch?

There isn’t one that we can find! We have a few rules to make sure it’s fair for everyone but nothing complicated. We have deliberately kept it simple to understand because we want you to use it! You can use it to sample new product or get that special wash wax you always promised yourself, but above all we want you to enjoy the experience!

  • Car Care Credit has no cash value and is only redeemable against goods at
  • We reserve the right to cancel and/or amend the Car Care Credit scheme at any time and without notice and/or compensation.
  • Car Care Credit is only awarded to online sales and will not be awarded to telephone and off-line sales.
  • If part of an order is returned Car Care Credit will be adjusted to reflect 10% of the revised order value. Car Care Credit is 10% of what you pay for an order.
  • Should you return an entire order you will not earn any Car Care Credit for that order.
  • Car Care Credit is only available for registered customers of shop.
  • When redeeming Car Care Credit, customers must be logged in to the shop, the existing Car Care Credit balance will be available to view at checkout and updated in the account information once the transaction has been completed.

Here is one last example to show what happens if you return a product. Imagine it is your birthday!

You spend £48.50 on your second visit to The Car Care Site. You already have £4.50 Car Care Credit from your previous visit. Your order cost becomes £44. This is above the £28 free postage threshold and so this is all you have to pay. As a result of this order you qualify for a further £4.40 Car Care Credit.

Upon receipt of your order you realise you have to return a bottle of Meguiars Engine Clean at £9.99 because someone has given you the same product as a present. After emailing us and receiving a returns number you mail the bottle of Engine Clean back. Your new order value is £34.01 so we will adjust your Car Care Credit value from £4.40 and you will still be awarded £3.40.

Again you do not need to do anything because this will all happen automatically, being adjusted on your account and stored here ready for your next visit!