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These things ignite the passion you will find running through us, our community and fuelling our desire to help you clean your car. We know, that by using the correct, quality car care products and the right car care techniques, it is possible to give even the dullest paint that sought after show-car shine again!

On a mission? Oh Yes. But It’s simple!

We provide the best car cleaning products we can, mixed with great service, advice and instruction on how to use them, so that you can get the best results possible at home. You may want to learn how to wash your car properly or perhaps you need to get the best show car finish you can. Whatever it is, we offer the best performing, best value for money products we can find, handpicked from a wide range that we know will leave your car looking clean with an amazing wet-look shine.

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Here is the answer to a frequently asked question! Yes, we offer free delivery on any order over £28 to get the best car cleaning products we can to you at the best prices we possibly can.

Don’t want to buy anything right now? No problem, watch some free instructional videos!

Pop over to our sister site www.thecarcaresite.co.uk and polish up on your cleaning programme with specialist cleaning videos. See the real tips and tricks professionals use to properly care for a car.

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