Internal Car Care

Tips to Improve Your Interior Detailing

The interior or cockpit of your car often proves a difficult place to tackle with traditional cleaning tools like a cloth or hoover. Here are a couple of great tools you can use to get a great clean without too much additional effort.

The living space within any car is under constant attack from all sorts of dust, dirt, foreign bodies, hair, food (if you eat in your car as many people do) and even dead skin cells – believe it or not everyone you have carried in your car has left a few deposits in your pride and joy!

Furthermore many of the screens and audio display surfaces in a modern car are quite delicate and will scratch easily if just rubbed with a microfiber cloth, trapping the dust and grit on the surface like sandpaper, and hence need to be treated carefully.

By using a soft detailing brush in combination with a hoover you can reach into the detail of steering wheels, air vents, audio controls and those corners that you never seem able to clean out, dislodging the dirt particles from deep recesses and sucking them away into the hoover. If you carefully and gently work the bristles into the slots and grooves of your dashboard you will be able to lift out ingrained dust and dirt leaving the area nice and clean.

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For places that are difficult to reach or delicate surfaces, screens and displays for example, try using compressed air in a can which will blow away all the loose dust particles and dirt. This often means you do not need to do any further cleaning but if further work is required then a soft brush reduces the risk of scratching. When using compressed air remember to do this as an early part of your cleaning schedule so as not to ruin any previous work!

Compressed air is particularly effective around the bottom of instrument clusters, air conditioning display panels and stereo fronts where the small recesses are great dirt traps but access and size makes cleaning really difficult.

It may seem overly pedantic to work so hard to take the dust out from around your steering wheel badge, stereo controls and instrument cluster but you will be genuinely amazed at how all these little touches add to the overall internal appearance of your car leading to a fantastic looking result that people will comment on!

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