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What You Should Use Instead of a Car Wash Brush

A car wash brush is just as dangerous if not more so than a sponge to the paintwork on your car! You might not have read our article about sponges but you can be assured a car wash brush produces similar damage. So what should you be using instead?

You should only ever use a clean microfibre mitt on your car body never a sponge or wash brush. It is a very common mistake and causes a lot of damage to cars when washing. You just don’t need anything that aggressive and if you are concerned that you can’t remove all the dirt in one wash (because your car is so dirty) just wash that section again. Better this approach than damaging the finish with a wash brush.

Let’s look at a microfiber wash mitt. If you run your fingers through the mitt, you will see that it is deep pile and not flat faced (like a sponge for example).

Now think about grit particles that will be on the paintwork, no matter how clean you think it is! When the wash mitt is placed onto them the grit particles are absorbed into the mitt and moved into the inners drawing grit and contaminants away from the surface of the paint making the washing and subsequent polishing of your car quicker and easier whilst reducing the chances of swirl marks and fine scratches in your paintwork.

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Many mitts also have a non-slip elastic cuff for a great fit meaning it is less likely to be dropped, unlike a car wash brush or sponge. They can be easily washed and the bright colours make inspection quite easy to find any contaminants hidden within.

Furthermore they don’t have any additional support running up the inside like some wash brushes which could also scratch your car.

Since we mentioned polishing, while old cloths or t-shirts may be clean, they’re actually scratching the surface because of the shorter pile of the material.

A microfiber towel is what’s recommended as the deep-pile surface again creates a buffer zone that will pick up the bad stuff, not grind it into the paint finish.

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